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putting this page to use
I get sick at the thought of stupid people or people who try to treat me like i'm stupid. This year i'll be 30 years old  im leaving my twenties behind and I say good riddens. I'm a single Mom and i've seen a thing or two so when people try to play me like i'm stupid it lets me know that they are stupid and it also disappoints me a little. I try to have faith that people still have kindness in their hearts and would act if they could help to ease someone elses pain in my mind I thought that was human nature but the world seem s to be getting more screwed up by the second people don't care about causing you pain if it means that they get what they want, I guess the heart of men has really gone cold. I refuse to let that change me though I can't control other people but I can control me. I've always had a soft heart and sometimes it's for the wrong people.

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I think that respect comes from within. If act like people should treat you with respect they will, if you beieve you deserve to be treated well you will be.

You just have to have that self-belief! You're just as good as everyone else.

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