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Tales of my magnificent piece of trash
I woke up one morning about a month ago and turned on my laptop to find that it decided to do a factory settings restore, which meant I lost EVERYTHING. All my writing, pictures, my itunes playlist all gone. I freaked and I was angry for a couple of days, I decided to get over it and start over. I began the long journey of converting the music from my ipod back to my laptop which by the way is very expensive for a program you only need to use once. I turned my laptop off last night at around eleven and went to bed, I turned it back on at 12 this afternoon and you want to know what was there? All my files, pictures,and my original itunes. I almost threw this damn thing out the window.I have learned my lesson and I am using Carbonite to back- up everything online.One of the features of my laptop is I don't have to make back-up disk it is suppose to automatically save and restore. I THINK THAT IT'S ABSOLUTELY CRAZY IT TOOK A WHOLE MONTH TO RESTORE. I guess I will be taking a trip to Bestbuy later.

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That is crazy! I think it must have something to do with the computers Bestbuy carries. My brother recently bought his daughters laptops. One particular laptop kept having issues. The port for the charger broke... it fell into the computer (it was exchanged for the same brand), the next one would recognize their wireless internet sporadically completely locking her out at times (this was exchanged as well, but for a different brand as Bestbuy no longer carried it).

My brother is on the verge of boycotting that store. I hope you have better luck with getting your computer woes resolved.

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