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A little piece of my "Dream"

I wrote a entry for mind_spark  It's a very small piece of my so-called Dream.


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The nip from the cold night air made her swaddle Nili tighter in her blanket. Mahta had no idea where Nili had come from; she had wandered into her hut one summer night and curled into a ball at Mahta’s side in her bed. The epidemic in the village had obviously killed Nili’s mother; she knew they would come for her soon. She had grown attached to the child and the village healer told her she had to surrender for her own safety.  The child was already showing signs of being infected; if they took her she knew what they would do regardless of her youth. Her father would be livid but, she had to go and wouldn’t return until Nili was safe.


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I believe that dreams can lead you to past or alternative lives.

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